Stade de Bordeaux, France | RWC 2023 | Fixtures & Live Stream


Stade de Bordeaux, France | RWC 2023 | Fixtures & Live Stream


Stade de Bordeaux RWC 2023 Fixtures Live Stream


Stade de Bordeaux, also known as Matmut Atlantique, is situated in the vibrant city of Bordeaux, France. This year it will be used for Rugby World Cup France Live Stream 2023. The cutting-edge, multi-purpose stadium serves as the proud home to the esteemed Girondins de Bordeaux football club and plays host to a myriad of thrilling sporting events, spectacular concerts, and various large-scale gatherings. With a remarkable capacity of 42,115, this architectural marvel was gracefully unveiled to the world in 2015, creating a buzz in the hearts of sports and entertainment enthusiasts alike.

Notably, the stadium boasts a record attendance of 42,071, a testament to its allure and popularity among fans. Owned by the municipality of Bordeaux, this grand arena sets the benchmark for contemporary design and features state-of-the-art facilities, including a magnificent retractable roof and a lush hybrid lawn that adds to the players' delight and the spectators' joy.


Rugby World Cup France 2023 Matches in Stade de Bordeaux

Excitement is brewing in Bordeaux as the city eagerly prepares to host the 2023 Rugby World Cup Live Stream at the magnificent Stade de Bordeaux! This prestigious sporting event has selected this state-of-the-art stadium as its official venue, solidifying its reputation as a world-class sports destination.

Five thrilling matches are scheduled to take place at the Stade de Bordeaux, all of which are set in the captivating group-stage phase of the tournament. Rugby enthusiasts and fans from all corners of the globe will gather here to witness the clash of titans as teams battle it out for victory and glory.

With its modern amenities and impressive capacity, the Stade de Bordeaux is perfectly poised to deliver an unforgettable rugby experience to players and spectators alike. The electrifying atmosphere within the stadium is sure to create an indelible memory for all who have the privilege to be part of this remarkable event.

As Bordeaux proudly opens its arms to the rugby world cup France, the Stade de Bordeaux stands tall as a symbol of unity and sportsmanship, ready to welcome teams and fans with open gates and an abundance of French hospitality. This promises to be a Rugby World Cup to remember!


Stade de Bordeaux Rugby World Cup 2023 Schedule

Mark your calendars for an exhilarating September at the Stade de Bordeaux in Bordeaux, France! As the official venue for the Rugby World Cup 2023, this world-class stadium is set to host a series of thrilling matches that promise to keep fans on the edge of their seats.

Here is the complete 2023 RWC Schedule of all matches at Stade de Bordeaux:


Day & Date

Local Time




9th September 2023, Saturday




Stade de Bordeaux, Bordeaux

10th September 2023, Sunday




Stade de Bordeaux, Bordeaux

16th September 2023, Saturday




Stade de Bordeaux, Bordeaux

17th September 2023, Sunday




Stade de Bordeaux, Bordeaux

30th September 2023, Saturday




Stade de Bordeaux, Bordeaux


How to Watch Live Streaming of Rugby World Cup 2023 at Stade de Bordeaux Stadium?

Watching the RWC live streaming of the Rugby World Cup France 2023 matches at Stade de Bordeaux Stadium is easier than ever! Fans worldwide can catch all the action and excitement from the comfort of their homes or on the go. To access the live streams, simply visit the RWC Live TV platform, where they are providing comprehensive coverage of all the matches held at the iconic Stade de Bordeaux.

RWC Live TV is dedicated to bringing the passion and thrill of the RWC Scheduled 2023 matches to fans across the globe. Whether you're in Europe, Asia, the Americas, or anywhere else, you can tune in to their streaming platform to witness the world's top rugby teams battling it out in this prestigious event. Don't miss the chance to be a part of rugby history as Stade de Bordeaux hosts unforgettable encounters, and stay connected with for unparalleled access to all the heart-stopping moments from this sporting extravaganza.


How to Watch Live TV Broadcasting of Rugby World Cup 2023 at Stade de Bordeaux Stadium?

To catch the exhilarating RWC live TV broadcasting of the RWC Scheduled 2023 matches at Stade de Bordeaux Stadium, viewers have multiple options depending on their region. Many international sports networks and cable providers will be broadcasting the tournament, allowing fans to tune in to their favorite channels for the action-packed games.

For those looking for a comprehensive and global viewing experience, RWC Live TV is the ultimate destination. RWC Live TV is offering live streaming of all the TV channels broadcasting the RWC Scheduled 2023 matches at Stade de Bordeaux Stadium worldwide. This means that no matter where you are located, you can access the live streams of all the thrilling games taking place at this iconic venue.

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